On every sunday I go archery lessons.Last week I got a bronze medall and got 2 pounds for getting the nearest arrow next to the middle.

Butter fly park

Me,danielle and emily went to the butterfly park on saturday.I got really close to one of the little birds and all the butter flies were on me.One yellow and black one pood on me and peed on me!!!


Today we went to Morgan with our new rubber toys.As soon as i got in, my rubber seat swam away,i tried to get it but it was to fast so Nana had to run to the other side to get it and i was glad it didnt go out to sea.I was jumping of the rubber seat in to the water.l also was on Emilys seat but l was to heavy for it so it sank and it jamp out the water and hit me.On the way back home we saw some massive fish about 50 centimeters long and 10 centimeters fat.


Today me and Opa T-Rex went fishing but the problem was that it was to wavey and we didnt catch anything but wet clothes!We were using Prawns for bait but it kept on falling off,so we swapped to rubber fish but it still didntnt work!So we packed up and went to Hollywood that is a restaurant and I had a hamburger with a big portion of chips and I couldnt eat it all so Opa just ate them.

Finca Osorio

Today we went to Finca Osorio to walk the dog.Me and Nana played beach ball togther.After that I ran around the whole Finca Osorio two times,the first time 1.36mins and the second time 1.50mins.

I.R. Pen

Today me and Mr. Device made a infrared pen.
For that we use 1 battery 1,5v
we took apart a pen
we also took a remote apart for a infrared diode
we took a microswitch out of a mouse
and some cabels.
When i was doing that I learnd how to solder.
But it wont work yet because we dont know what to download.
When we figure it out we will use it as a whiteboard.

qaudro copter

Today we went to Finca Osorio to fly the qaudro copter but we were flying it there and one of the screws got loose so one of the wings broke,so Opa T-Rex (Mr.Device from going to buy it online.

Lego mania

This is all my lego star wars i got on Gran Canaria.

If i had my lego star wars from England i would of had a massive army of the sepratists because i am more of a sith guy.

well,i hope you enjoy my pictures and please comment on them if you want to.


I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and reamember to comment on them.

And when i get back to England i am going to sell my Mega Blocks for £2.00 a bag.


my first day on gran canaria

Today we went to walk our dog called Gypsie.We went to feed the pigs some acorns,the pigs were so fat that they looked like a big black dog.

In the afternoon we went shopping to buy me and my sister Emily a water gun each because its like 38 digrease over there!So when we got home me and Emily had a water fight and i won it!But shes only 5.

Also my Nana was playing but she won as well because she got out the hose pipe.
Our Nana said if we hug this tree we will get stronger.